New Features

• Stylus annotation tool can now:

o highlight, underline and strike through text.

o change nib size.

o change eraser size.

• Traffic light connection status added to Review page to monitor if internet connection is lost.

o Green indicates connected to internet.

o Amber indicates there is a connection to internet, but it might be unstable.

o Red indicates there is no connection to the internet.

• Screen space optimization in Review page allowing comments pane and notes pane to be individually hidden to dedicate screen space to reviewing documentation. Tablets and devices with smaller screens benefit from being able to enlarge a document to take up the entire screen with the added bonus of still being able to use all the features of the Review page.

Removed deprecated magnifying glass from Review page as a result.

Removed tick boxes found under the ‘Case’ tab to hide the Index and Comments panes and replaced them with arrows that are always visible on the screen.

Feature Enhancements

• Updated help text for changing password.


• PDF pagination numbers will now match colour selected – red or black.

• Redaction ribbon will only show controls selected by radio button.